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Ecommerce Customer Service Assistant

Croydon, UK

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role >

Providing friendly, considerate customer service (and really getting to know customers)
Managing all customer inquiries, complaints, and issues
Assisting customers with end-to-end online shopping experience including up-to-date information on product availability, delivery tracking and assurance
Working to fully resolve cases requiring investigation in a timely manner
Ensuring clear communication and correspondence with customers, and maintain all email templates.
Monitoring and reporting recurrent quality control matters to the appropriate departments.

Requirements >

A real passion for customer service.
Experience with Ecommerce
Great communication and listening skills
The ability to work well in a team, and achieve team and individual goals
An enthusiastic approach and willingness to support your colleagues when the stores get busier
The ability to think on your feet if there’s an issue or problem to solve

About the Company >

Reef Entertainment is a UK-based Video Games Publisher. Founded in 2005, the company has changed and developed greatly over the years​. Not only has Reef expanded its Publishing capabilities, Reef are also developing their own in-house titles, as well as managing Exclusive Distribution and full end user E-commerce solutions for their partners.

​​In 2010, Reef was acquired by the Creative Distribution Group, which has been instrumental in their growth and development. Reef's team is diverse and exciting, and is built using a combination of strong management with many years of experience in the Video Games and Entertainment Industry, alongside a wealth of up-and-coming new talent from those new to the industry.

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