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Video Editor / Video Game Streamer

Croydon, UK

Job Type


About the Role >

Gaining regular familiarity with our video games, including performing regular play-throughs and developing libraries of video content.
Capturing game moments for marketing purposes.
Streaming a variety of video game titles on a regular basis and create highlight videos used for our YouTube channel.
Writing scripts and producing video game related videos (e.g. character / gameplay trailer, short videos for social or ads etc.) in collaboration with internal Marketing & PR team and external partners.
Documenting SOPs that provide step-by-step instructions and of your video production process to make it repeatable.

Requirements >

Teamwork and collaboration skill - You feel comfortable working in a team and can work well as part of the team.
Proven editing / streaming experience - You have video editing / live streaming experience within a commercial environment.
Time management skill - You can set clear priorities to allocate work tasks and focus on deadlines to complete them efficiently. Deadline and responsibility are important for us.
Game knowledge - You are an experienced gamer with deep passion and interest for JRPGs, Retro & FPS (First-person shooter) video games.
Creative mind with Storytelling skill - You can write scripts and know how to tell a story in a compelling way.

About the Company >

Reef Entertainment is a UK-based Video Games Publisher. Founded in 2005, the company has changed and developed greatly over the years​. Not only has Reef expanded its Publishing capabilities, Reef are also developing their own in-house titles, as well as managing Exclusive Distribution and full end user E-commerce solutions for their partners.

​​In 2010, Reef was acquired by the Creative Distribution Group, which has been instrumental in their growth and development. Reef's team is diverse and exciting, and is built using a combination of strong management with many years of experience in the Video Games and Entertainment Industry, alongside a wealth of up-and-coming new talent from those new to the industry.

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