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Big announcements in the NIS 30th Anniversary Celebration Stream!

Our partner NIS America recently held a very special livestream to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Nippon Ichi Software. This livestream featured special NIS-focused game announcements, new preorders, new merch and plenty of giveaways!

The biggest reveals of the stream were the announcement of two new titles:

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless and Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles!

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless is releasing this Autumn!

The highly-anticipated latest entry in the long-running JRPG series features a large number of fresh features, as well as brand new characters, and is sure to be a hit with both fans of the series and newcomers alike.

In partnership with NIS America, Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless will be distributed by our team to a variety of regions across Europe. Over the years, we have worked with NIS America on bringing many titles from this extremely popular series to European fans. The Disgaea series is NIS America’s flagship franchise, and has enjoyed enduring popularity since the series debuted in 2003, a testament to how the quality storytelling and engaging gameplay that the series is known for have kept fans coming back for two decades.

Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles is releasing this Summer!

This title brings two classic JRPGs to the West, Rhapsody II & III! These games are part of the Marl Kingdom series, known for its tongue-in-cheek humour, musical numbers and gorgeous, anime-inspired visuals. Reef Entertainment are very excited to be working with NIS America in distributing Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles in Europe, giving fans in the West the opportunity to experience the magic of these titles for the first time.

In addition to the game announcements, the NIS 30th Anniversary Livestream also showed off a slew of new merch items, available to pre-order now on our direct-to-consumer website. These merch items include adorable plushes, a stylish desk mat, a beautiful Disgaea 1000-piece puzzle and more!

For many years, we’ve worked with NIS America in giving fans in Europe a wide selection of high-quality, exquisitely-crafted merchandise to go alongside their favourite games. NIS America titles are known for their unique character designs and striking artwork, and these elements truly shine through our various physical merchandise items, highlighting the enormous amount of work that goes into bringing the worlds of these games to life.

2023 is looking to be a sensational year, with plenty of amazing upcoming titles to get excited about! Reef Entertainment look forward to working with NIS America in bringing fans a wide variety of titles this year, as well as a huge selection of merch items to accompany them.

Congratulations to Nippon Ichi Software for 30 years of memories; here’s to the next 30!

For anyone who missed the NIS 30th Anniversary Livestream, a full VOD can be viewed on Twitch.



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