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Sympathy Kiss Tulip Necklace designed by Reef Entertainment!

Sympathy Kiss, developed by our partner Idea Factory International, recently launched on Nintendo Switch™! A special Necklace Edition is available for fans to purchase on our direct-to-consumer website and select retailers throughout Europe, bundling the game with several merch items, including a beautiful Tulip Necklace, designed by Reef Entertainment’s wonderful designer, Menglin!


Sympathy Kiss is a slice-of-life otome that follows Akari, an employee of the mobile app maker Estario, as she tries to find the perfect balance between the stress of work and blooming office romance. The elegant tulip that adorns the necklace is a recurring motif in the game’s logo and marketing, a symbol of perfect and deep love.

Sympathy Kiss Necklace Edtion Tulip Otome

The Tulip Necklace is Reef Entertainment’s second experience creating commercial merchandise, and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Through our partnership with Idea Factory International, we have distributed many otome games to fans in Europe and are so proud to be able to provide the ever-growing otome fanbase with bespoke merchandise for their favourite games.


To all the otome fans out there: we hope this necklace adds some dazzle to your days at the office and keeps you shining every shift!



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