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Charade Maniacs “Futuristic” Silicone Bracelet designed by Reef Entertainment!

Charade Maniacs Otome Reef Entertainment Bracelet

Charade Maniacs, an otome game developed by our partner Idea Factory International, is coming to Nintendo Switch™ on June 27th, 2023! A Day One Edition is now available for fans to pre-order on our direct-to-consumer website and select retailers throughout Europe, which bundles the game with an A2 Double-Sided Poster, a Set of 9 Postcards, a Collector's Box and more!

Also included in this edition is a “Futuristic” Silicone Bracelet, designed by Reef Entertainment’s incredibly talented designer, Menglin! This bracelet matches the bangles worn by the characters in Charade Maniacs, who use them to heal themselves, perform day-to-day tasks, communicate with each other and more. In the game, the bangles are distributed by the Information Bureau as a means of managing personal information, but don’t worry, we promise our real-life bracelets aren’t tracking any details!

Charade Maniacs Otome Reef Entertainment Bracelet

The “Futuristic” Silicone Bracelet is Reef Entertainment’s first foray into creating commercial merchandise, and we are extremely pleased with how they turned out (we know the fans will be too!). Through our partnership with Idea Factory International, we have distributed many otome games to fans in Europe over the years. The otome community is very dedicated and passionate, and we are really proud to have played such a large role in helping the fandom grow. We’re so excited for the Otome Armada to get their hands on these bracelets and carry a little piece of Charade Maniacs with them. We hope you all enjoy the game!


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