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Check out the trailers made by our Video Team!

Our talented Video Team here at Reef Entertainment has grown so much recently, so we thought it would be a good idea to highlight their efforts in making incredible trailers for our valued partner, Idea Factory International.

Check out a selection of some of the trailers our Video Team has produced below, each highlighting how their creativity and attention to detail have allowed them to make engaging, dynamic content to show off what makes each of these games special.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect - The Wacky World of Dokapon

Release date: 09/05/23 | Console: Nintendo Switch™ | Genre: RPG board game

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is an RPG boardgame hybrid developed by Idea Factory and Sting featuring a light-hearted, humorous world brimming with unique characters. “The Wacky World of Dokapon” Trailer created by our Video Team brings the wacky world of this game to life with creative editing and an amazing voiceover delivered by our Video Team’s very own Toby, truly a man of many talents!

“This project was a ton of fun to work on! I was allowed a lot of creative freedom to play around with wacky concepts that allowed me to create a cheeky trailer that I am very proud of. Also, working with Toby was hilarious; who doesn't love that kingly voice?” Jordan

“While voice acting isn’t a hat I wear often, I quickly fell into the groove when Jordan asked me to

take the voice to the extreme and be a complete freak. What that says about me as a person

may be better left unexplored.” Toby

Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord - Gameplay Trailer

Release date: 25/04/23 | Consoles: Nintendo Switch™, PS4™, PS5™, PC | Genre: Tactical RPG

Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord is a Tactical RPG featuring an engaging battle system which encourages the player to use the terrain, strategic positioning and various musical buffs to achieve victory. Our Video Team was able to go over these systems in an engaging and easy-to-understand way in the Gameplay Trailer they created, helping explain the game’s mechanics to both newcomers and veterans of the genre alike. Through both their own hard work and that of our PR Team, we were able to get this video posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, helping the trailer reach an even wider audience: more than 54,000 views!

"I adore Tactical RPGs so had no problem with creating a gameplay trailer for the newest instalment in the Fairy Fencer series! I learnt a lot editing-wise, enjoyed trying out the game and can't wait to work on another video game trailer!" Nicole

Little Witch Nobeta - Forgotten Souls Trailer

Release date: 07/03/23 | Consoles: Nintendo Switch™, PS4™ | Genre: Third-person Action Shooter

Little Witch Nobeta is a soulslike, spellbinding shooter that follows a young witch as she explores a withered castle, seeking answers to the mysteries of her own past. Our Video Team’s Forgotten Souls Trailer brings the haunting atmosphere of the castle to life, all while highlighting the game’s difficult and rewarding combat system. Like the Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord Gameplay Trailer, our team was able to get this video posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, receiving more than 33,000 views!

“As the first trailer to allow me the ability to roam the game world free of HUD elements and

character models, I was able to get creative with my camera angles and bring to life the sense

of overbearing isolation that the castle interior drowns the player in. You’ll be amazed at the

geometry Nobeta can balance on when trying to get that perfect angle!”Toby

The great work of our Video Team would not be possible without the contributions of our Video Team’s Content Co-ordinator and Streamer, Kaitlyn, who liaises with Idea Factory International. Kaitlyn helps co-ordinate not only these amazing trailers, but a slew of entertaining video content and livestreams (@reefgameslive) as well!

“It's always a joy to work with Idea Factory International and it’s an honour to be a representative of their games for the European audience. I look forward to working with them further on many exciting titles to come!” Kaitlyn

Reef Entertainment are incredibly proud of our ongoing collaboration with Idea Factory International in helping their titles reach as many people as possible. We thank our Video Team for the wonderful work they’ve been doing, exciting fans with a wide selection of entertaining video content related to their favourite games. We look forward to seeing everything they come up with for all the amazing titles set to release in the future!


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