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Behind the Scenes: Video Team Stream Room Tour

Recently, we have been celebrating the trailers that our amazing video team have been producing for both Terminator: Resistance Complete Edition and Idea Factory International titles; however, this is but one side of the story when it comes to the marketing activities that the team conducts here at Reef Entertainment.

With daily Twitch livestreams and several YouTube productions a week on the Reef Games Live channels, our video team has been providing ongoing support for 28 titles and counting over the last year! These livestreaming and video production activities have supported past titles in our publishing catalogue, as well as early gameplay previews of titles yet to be released to worldwide audiences.

Over the course of the past year, the livestream and video production setup has evolved and changed along with the types of streams and video content produced. From gameplay previews to limited edition unboxings and more, a variety of different content has been published to establish and grow a community that we are proud of, a community that engages genuinely with our titles, products and video team hosts. Today, we are excited to share with you a behind the scenes insight at the workspace we have established to facilitate these activities!

Situated within our Croydon office, we have a dedicated stream room workspace. Doing the heavy lifting of the streaming process itself, we have a high-spec gaming PC. For crisp and clear audio, a Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB audio interface is used with two SHURE SM7B microphones. A 4k-capable Panasonic G7 is utilised for the high-resolution capture of our video team hosts during livestream/recording sessions, with a 4m x 2m greenscreen backdrop allowing for presenters to be seamlessly integrated into the stream layout. Finally, an Elgato HD60 S capture card provides a video game console interface with the OBS stream/video capture program, the space within which a stream scene is visualised and captured.

The creative flair of video team member Nicole is on show in our stream intro screen where caricatures of the streamer is presented alongside trailers for upcoming titles in our publishing and distribution catalogue.

Last but not least, a stream room would of be nothing without its hosts, the members of the stream team. Toby, Jordan, Kaitlyn and Nicole have all worked hard to passionately promote the titles that we at Reef Entertainment publish and distribute.

We hope that you have enjoyed this peek behind the scenes, and we look forward to sharing our future video and livestream productions with you on the following channels!

Reef Games Live Twitch:

Reef Games Live YouTube:


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