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Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition is Coming to Xbox Series X|S October 27!

Reef Entertainment recently announced that Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition is coming to Xbox Series X|S physically and digitally on October 27, 2023!

Terminator: Resistance, developed by TEYON and published by Reef Entertainment, is an officially licensed first-person shooter set in the Terminator universe. The game was originally released in 2019 and has since enjoyed enduring popularity among Terminator fans, praised for its immersive story and faithfulness to the source material. The Complete Edition of the game bundles Terminator: Resistance, enhanced for Xbox Series X|S, with the Annihilation Line Narrative Expansion starring Kyle Reese, and Infiltrator Mode, where players get the chance to take control of the iconic T-800 series Infiltrator unit.

To announce this release, our talented Video Team created an Announcement Trailer showcasing the game and everything included in the Complete Edition. This marks the first time that a Terminator: Resistance trailer has been internally produced by Reef Entertainment, and we are extremely proud of our Video Team for their incredible work. Our hardworking PR Team were able to get the Announcement Trailer supported by Xbox, who posted it on their official YouTube channel, racking up almost 100,000 views (and counting!).

Reef Entertainment are very proud to have worked with TEYON in releasing a game that has been embraced so fully by fans of the iconic Terminator franchise. The wonderful internal talent we’ve cultivated here has allowed us to support Terminator: Resistance - Complete Edition with an immersive, cinematic trailer and wide-reaching coverage, getting the news of this release to as many people as possible. We absolutely can’t wait for Xbox Series X|S players to join the Resistance soon. Get ready soldiers, it’s almost time to ship out!

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