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Reef Creative Group acquire 70% stake in UK developer Bitmap Bureau

Reef Creative Group Bitmap Bureau Reef Entertainment

We are excited to announce that the Reef Creative Group recently acquired a 70% stake in the development studio Bitmap Bureau. Reef Entertainment will work as an operative team providing support for future Bitmap Bureau titles.


Based in Southampton, Bitmap Bureau was founded in 2016 by industry veterans Matthew Cope and Mike Tucker. Over the years, Bitmap Bureau have been on a mission to deliver high-quality titles capable of running natively on retro consoles and modern consoles alike, with popular releases such as Xeno Crisis, Battle Axe and Final Vendetta. Their talented team of designers, programmers, artists and musicians are dedicated to preserving and continuing the fine art of retro game development, with a commitment to authenticity that spans from the painstaking coding process all the way to the physical packaging.


“Working as part of the Reef Creative Group gives us access to the funding, administration and publishing support we need to expand, study and concentrate on making the best retro titles out there for gamers everywhere. Our combined knowledge and expertise will allow us to make higher-quality games and retro physical collections than ever before. Stay tuned for the exciting projects we’re working on…we’ll be back with more news soon!”

- Matt Cope, Technical Director, Bitmap Bureau

Reef Entertainment and Bitmap Bureau have developed an amazing chemistry working together for almost 2 years and have recognised that their range of skills will complement each other in a more formal partnership within the Reef Creative Group. Bitmap Bureau are already developing two new titles with Reef Entertainment to be announced soon.


“Reef are currently deep into development on some unannounced projects with Bitmap Bureau and through working on these together, we’ve developed a wonderful partnership founded on shared values. We are delighted to have them as part of our group and look forward to this collaboration continuing to flourish in the near future.”

- Gareth Dain, Group Managing Director, Reef Creative Group



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