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We’re distributing three Jack Jeanne Limited Editions in Europe!

Our partner Aksys Games recently announced that the highly anticipated visual novel and rhythm game Jack Jeanne will receive three Limited Editions in addition to the Standard Edition. Created by noted manga artist Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul), Jack Jeanne will launch in June 2023 for Nintendo Switch™!

Jack Jeanne Limited Edition Glamshot

Exclusive to our direct-to-consumer website, the Bronze Limited Edition features an 80-page hardcover art book, collectible pins of each Univeil Drama School class, a Univeil school scarf, and an acrylic diorama. Alternatively, customers can choose a more premium version in the Silver Limited Edition which includes a crossbody pack, or both the pack and t-shirt with iconic character art in the Gold Limited Edition! All editions are available to pre-order now.

Jack Jeanne bag and shirt

Through our partnership with Aksys Games, we have distributed many visual novels to fans in Europe over the years via our online store. The audience for visual novels has grown exponentially in recent years, and Jack Jeanne is a very highly-anticipated title in the genre. This growing fanbase has allowed us to work on increasingly creative and unique Limited Editions, giving fans a wide variety of custom merchandise, artwork, apparel and more to go alongside their favourite games.



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