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Big week of Falcom announcements from NISA!

Our partner NIS America just revealed several exciting Nihon Falcom announcements in the past week, including new ports and localisations, release date announcements, a voice actor livestream, and a giveaway of a custom controller on Twitter!

Nihon Falcom is a game developer founded in 1981 that has created many titles for consumer game platforms and boasts an extremely enthusiastic fanbase worldwide. In partnership with NIS America, our team has distributed many Nihon Falcom titles to a variety of regions across Europe, including numerous games from the extremely popular Ys and Trails series.

Through our direct-to-consumer website and YouTube/social media channels, our Social Media team has been sharing these announcements with fans across Europe, and our dedicated PR Team has shared all the news with numerous European media outlets, ensuring it gets as much coverage as possible.

In partnership with NIS America, we ran a contest on our Twitter account to give away a custom-designed Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA PS5 controller to a lucky fan in Europe!

We have worked together with our partners on many giveaways and contests throughout the years, exciting fans with Limited and Deluxe Editions, as well as custom merchandise for all their favourite titles.

Find out more about Falcom Week announcements on our direct-to-consumer website here:

Check out our official Twitter account here:


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