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R-Type® Final 3 Evolved and R-Type® Tactics I • II Cosmos revealed in the Granzella livestream!

We hope you enjoyed our partner NIS America’s livestream with Granzella Inc. In case you missed it, two exciting titles were revealed: R-Type® Final 3 Evolved and R-Type® Tactics I • II Cosmos!

See below for details on these games, and watch the full livestream on Twitch:

R-Type Final 3 Evolved unites R-Type Final 2 and the PS5™! Coming in Spring 2023, this version includes exclusive stages created by Kazuma Kujo, all of the homage stages from the first Stage Pass, and update Version 2.0.0 which contains new playable ships, a new multiplayer mode, global rankings, and more!

Through our direct-to-consumer online store, we will be offering both a Deluxe Edition and Special Edition for this title to fans across Europe, with pre-orders going live on the 4th of November.

R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos is coming to Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 and PC in Summer 2023.

R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos combines the side-scrolling, shoot-'em-up action the series is known for with tactical, turn-based strategy gameplay. This collection includes two titles that have remade in Unreal Engine 5, and marks R-Type Tactics II’s debut in the West! R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos also features a number of exclusive features for R-Type Tactics II, including branching missions and a new third campaign.

You will be able to pre-order R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos on our online store at a later date.


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