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Our rPhone campaign gives fans the opportunity to hear from their favourite Neptunia characters!

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters logo

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters, developed by our partner Idea Factory International and published by Reef Entertainment in Europe, is set to release on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 and Steam in early 2023.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is the latest entry in the iconic Neptunia series, known for its meta-humour and very popular characters. The game is set in Gamindustri, a continent which has been taken over by the latest smartphone to hit the market (the rPhone), and tells the story of Nepgear and the other Goddess Candidates as they try to save their home from the clutches of this new technology.

To celebrate the game’s upcoming release, in partnership with Idea Factory International, we’ve been running the ‘rPhone campaign’, giving fans of the series the opportunity to receive texts and phone calls from characters in the game. By texting the word "PUDDING" to +44 7458 155255, fans will opt in to the campaign to intermittently receive text messages addressed from Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters characters, as well as occasional phone calls from the characters featuring pre-recorded messages delivered by their actual voice actors!

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters rPhone campaign

Check out for the full terms and conditions of the rPhone campaign.


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